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At Youngs we’re passionate about plants and gardening. We want to share that passion with you. Our team of gardeners is always happy to answer questions or just talk plants.

We're also proud of our work to create something special at Youngs. Countless times our customers have shared how much they love to just walk around the nursery as nature therapy, lunch break escape, gardening inspiration, weekly regeneration and hundreds of other reasons.

Youngs is more than a garden center, it’s an experience.
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Young's Story

Youngs Garden 1980

Youngs Garden, with its deep local roots, is built on a love of gardening, family and community. Back when Roseburg was the Timber Capitol of the Nation there was a small variety store on the south end of Roseburg’s downtown area. In the mid 1950’s Eleanor Young wanted to share her passion for gardening with Roseburg. With her family she converted that store into a plant and pet shop. In 1977 the Lander family purchased Young’s Garden & Pets. They kept the name unchanged to honor its long tradition in the community. Back then the nursery was a very different place. Spring flowers came in big wooden trays, not individual pots. Shrubs were grown in metal cans that were sliced down the sides as they were loaded into customer’s cars. The pet shop carried baby raccoons and skunks right next to their kittens and puppies.
In 2016 Youngs Garden built new greenhouses. They moved from their original, half-acre location and into the new, 2 acre garden center on the north end of town. This expansion allowed Youngs to carry more of the great plants and garden decor that their customers wanted. Although a lot has changed throughout the years, Youngs Garden continues be be family owned and operated. They remain committed to a love of gardening and community. The majority of their flowers and veggies are “home grown” because Youngs wants to ensure the very best plant quality for you. Youngs Garden loves being part of such an incredible community. Just like their founder, Mrs. Young, Youngs Garden continues to be excited to share a passion for gardening with you now, and for years to come.

It's an experience, not a store

What makes us exceptional?

Youngs is dedicated to offering you the highest quality products with great service to ensure your gardening success.