Peony Growing Tips

Big, fluffy Peony flowers are well known and loved. These spring blooming perennials are incredible the garden and their flowers can be cut and kept in a vase for several weeks. In a landscape they can find a place either planted individually or in groups.

A big benefit in our area is that Peony plants are deer resistant. Also they are easy to care plants!

Sun & Soil

Peonies like a sunny, well-drained spot. They live a very long life so soil preparation is important. Dig a hole 12” deep and 2’ wide. Mix soil from the hole with a quality, organic soil amendment. Plant with the pot soil slightly above ground level.

  • Plant in full sun.
  • Don’t plant too deep or it won’t bloom.
  • Plant where it’s sheltered from the wind.


Peonies require little fertilizer. Use something like a rose fertilizer or bone meal when the plants are emerging in the spring . Allow 3 years for maximum sized flowers and true flower color.

  • Deadhead spent flowers.
  •  Use a low nitrogen fertilizer.


The most common peony problem is fungi disease like botrytis blight. To help prevent these problems, spray in the spring with a copper fungicide and cut away & dispose of foliage in the fall.

  • Water the soil not the foliage.
  • Ants are always attracted to peony blooms, but they are NOT harmful.
  • Cut herbaceous varieties down to the ground in the fall.